Fr, 1. Oktober 2021, 19:15 Uhr

Evangelische Stadtakademie Bochum Westring 26 c, 44787 Bochum

Mark Philip Stadler

Civil society vs. religious dogma in interfaith dialogueExperiences from Scandinavia on how to counter the emergence of parallel societies
Presentation and discussion (English, Deutsch)

Religious authority and dogma may present a huge hurdle when integrational processes are to be facilitated in the day-to-day life of communities and peoples of a diverse society. “Parallel societies” might be the result of a non-engagement, resulting in a progressive liberal majority and a conservative illiberal minority in Western societies. How to make progress around different cultural norms, gender roles, interfaith marriage and dietary regimes etc. when dogma teaches rather not to engage with each other and to stay with prevailing values and religious laws?
Civil society organizations like “Tro I Harmoni” in Copenhagen that base their code of conduct on progressive values and gather around them liberally-minded individuals and communities might bring about the necessary change resulting from their practical successes and deliver clear messages to conservative religious clergy, government and society. This talk delivers a first-hand account of such activity in Denmark, where the number of migrants with different faiths is still relatively small in comparison to its neighboring countries Sweden and Germany.
Mark Philip Stadler is PhD Fellow in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He holds two master degrees from the University of Leiden: a Research MA in Southeast Asian Studies and an MSc in Public Administration. His research has covered topics of Indonesia mostly; political Islam (Res MA), the 1965 anti-Communist purges (MSc), urban poverty and civil society (PhD), and politics, urbanism and democratic development (public academic engagement).
 Besides his academic work, he has been an active lector at two German diaspora churches in Copenhagen and an organizer of interfaith dialogue events with “Tro I Harmoni” (Faith in Harmony), an interfaith organization based in Copenhagen, and the Danish Foreign Ministry. He has provided private counseling for interfaith marriages and continues his activities with a new interfaith initiative in his hometown Siegen in Germany.
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