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Mark PhillippStadler

Indonesia – A Muslim voice in the Indo-Pacific: cautious strategic maneuvers of a rising global middle power (ES GILT 3G (immunized or tested), ABSTAND, MASKE BIS PLATZ)
Presentation and discussion (English, Deutsch)

The Republic of Indonesia, with its 17.000 islands the largest archipelagic state in the world and a nation of some 275 million people, is home to the largest Muslim population in the world. In the 21st century, the country will become the third most populous state (overtaking the United States), a top-ten economy by GDP globally and a political power regionally.
Its current role in the contested waters of the South China Sea, where several Southeast Asian nations and the Peoples’ Republic of China rival for territorial sovereignty, is cautious yet follows strategies of shifting alignments with Western (Australia, US), ASEAN and East Asian partners. At the same time, Indonesia is heavily investing in its naval force and building naval bases in its own seas.
Indonesia is a rising nation that will put its unique imprint on the global economy and the Indo-Pacific political realm. The country prevails to be a functioning yet challenged democracy, and a nation of great ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. As a Muslim voice apart from the Middle East, Indonesia shows how Islam and democracy are a good match and this will echo globally. Indonesia matters and is going to matter more in the very near future.
Mark Philip Stadler is PhD Fellow of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He holds two master degrees from the University of Leiden: a Research MA in Southeast Asian Studies and an MSc in Public Administration. His research has covered topics of Indonesia, mostly; political Islam (Res MA), the 1965 anti-Communist purges (MSc), urban poverty and civil society (PhD), and politics, urbanism and democratic development (public academic engagement).
He has taught Southeast Asian history, politics and culture as well as Bahasa Indonesia at the University of Copenhagen. His public academic engagements include a large number of honorary seminars and public talks on contemporary Southeast Asian affairs at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), Copenhagen University and the Asia House in Copenhagen, and various professional talks globally.
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